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By Kade Mendelowitz PO Box 81522, Fairbanks, AK 99708

A complete interactive learning tool for the development of knowledge and skill in the art and practice of lighting design for the stage.
Utilizing audio, graphics, video, animation, text and a powerful and intuitive interface, a student discovers and implements the very practical skills of lighting for the stage.
Over 100 Audio Tips There are over 100 audio clips & tips throughout the program.
By combining text, audio and graphics (including video and animation) you learn from a completely immersive experience, which helps you understand.

If you are a more aural learner, this CD will reach you better than a typical textbook, which is primarily text based.

You are in complete control of the speed of the program. The navigation bar is always available.

You are in control
To the segment menu.
The current section / allows you to return to the beginning of that particular section.
You can easily repeat any screen.
You will be alerted if audio clips are available.
Proceed forward when you are ready.

Over 100 full-color photographs Over 100 full-color photographs are used liberally throughout the CD - not just a few "plates".
There is a mixture of production photos and models; making use of images that exemplify concepts.
Over 100 full-color photographs

Over 20 video clips demonstrate theories, and give you a more personal connection to the subject of lighting.
Over 20 video clips
Leko animation example Dozens of animations and unique cut-away views demonstrate theories in a way typical textbooks can not compete with.

Included Mini Light Lab The included Mini Light Lab is an extremely useful and flexible tool.
Included Mini Light Lab Look up the definitions of lighting terminology in the included glossary of lighting terminology!
There are even two included original theatrical-based games including Light Drop and "The Cursed Play"!
You can play "Lite Drop" on-line right now!
Included Mini Light Lab

Print me folder The CD's "Print_Me" folder includes helpful handouts, charts, draftings and a resume template for your use.
A tutorial and trial copy of SoftPlot is included - one of the premiere CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) programs!
Included Mini Light Lab